God is on the Move!

God is on the move!  Your response to His call is paramount for this hour.  Don't miss the season that we are moving into.  The following is the link to last Sunday's sermon:

Don't miss Palm Sunday on March 13, 2014.  God has great things planned!

10:00 am - Hopeton Main Campus

1:00 pm - North Campus @ The eXtreme

Embrace the Process

We had wonderful services this past weekend!  Willie Spears came with an encouraging word!  If you missed the sermon, click on the following link to access the 10:00 am service: 




We are looking forward to a great Generational Synergy Sunday on April 6th.  Come and join us as all the generations gather and celebrate our Lord!  He desires to meet with His people!



About Hopeton Church.

Hopeton is a non-typical church! You don't have to dress in a suit to be accepted. You can wear your jeans, get a cup of coffee and enjoy contemporary music, great videos and a relevant message. We have something for every age group - infants, children, students, college and adults. There are multiple opportunities to get involved in H.O.M.E. groups (Homes Open for Ministry and Encouragement). Check out our current H.O.M.E. groups here.


hangout at the eXtreme
Monday - Thursday
3:30pm -5:00pm