Jimmy Needham Concert

Hello Hopeton Family!
We wanted to send out an advertisement for the upcoming Jimmy Needham concert.  Please help us advertise by posting to your Facebook page and any other social media that will get the word out that Jimmy Needham is coming to Hopeton, Oklahoma. 
Thanks for your help!

Make the Connection

Making the connections between the Passover Lamb, the Cross, and the blood of Jesus is huge in your life!  If you were unable to attend on Resurrection Sunday, I encourage you to watch the replay of the service by clicking the following link: http://hopetonchurch.sermon.tv/main/main/20056544

I am looking forward to seeing you next Sunday. 
We will begin a new series entitled, "How to Get your Head in the Game." 
Hope you have a great rest of your week!



About Hopeton Church.

Hopeton is a non-typical church! You don't have to dress in a suit to be accepted. You can wear your jeans, get a cup of coffee and enjoy contemporary music, great videos and a relevant message. We have something for every age group - infants, children, students, college and adults. There are multiple opportunities to get involved in H.O.M.E. groups (Homes Open for Ministry and Encouragement). Check out our current H.O.M.E. groups here.


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